1. Definitions
      1. Club shall mean the LAIKA Owners Club (GB).
      2. Membership shall mean an individual (Owner) who for their duration of membership owns a LAIKA vehicle together with a Partner of the Owner.
      3. Owner shall mean the owner of a LAIKA vehicle.
      4. Partner shall mean an individual who for the duration of an Owners membership lives at the same address as the Owner.
      5. Members shall mean both the Owner and Partner of a membership.
      6. Rally Steward shall mean a Member(s) who has taken responsibility for organising a club rally.
    1. Name
      1. The Club shall be known as the LAIKA Owners Club (GB).
    1. Aims
      The aims of the Club shall be to:

      1. Provide a focal point for the community of LAIKA vehicle owners in Great Britain and to encourage an exchange of information, knowledge, and experiences.
      2. Organise leisure, recreational, and educational events of interest to its members.
      3. To create and maintain a spirit of friendship amongst its members through a common interest in leisure and recreational vehicles.
      4. To support the LAIKA brand within Great Britain and to uphold the brand ethos and values.
    1. Membership
      1. Membership shall be open to owners of all LAIKA vehicles.
      2. The minimum age of members shall be 18 years.
      3. Membership shall only be valid whilst the Owner owns a LAIKA vehicle. When an Owner ceases to own a LAIKA vehicle that membership shall be deemed to have resigned from the club. The club shall be under no obligation to pay back any monies paid to the club by that membership for whatever reason.
      4. Ownership shall mean:
        1. ‘Owned’ through outright purchase
        2. ‘Owned’ through a contract lease
        3. ‘Owned’ through a long term rental agreement
      5. Membership may continue temporarily for the following reasons:
        1. Theft of vehicle
        2. Loss through accident or damage
        3. Sale prior to the delivery of another LAIKA vehicle
      6. Membership may be withdrawn at the discretion of the committee. The member shall have the right of appeal and to appear before the committee.
      7. The membership year shall be a calendar year and subscription fees shall become due on 1st January each year. Membership shall be deemed to have terminated if a subscription remains unpaid by 31st March. Subscriptions paid on or after 1st October shall expire on the 31st December of the following calendar year.
      8. Membership fees shall be determined by the committee and any changes to the level of those fees reported at the next General Meeting.
      9. Members shall be entitled to attend all club events providing payment of appropriate fees has been made.
    1. Conduct
      1. Members are required to observe the Caravan Code and the Country Code and to assist a Rally Steward(s) in maintaining the criteria of those codes.
      2. At all times members must treat others with consideration, courtesy, and respect.
      3. Members must familiarise themselves with the club handbook and observe the contents.
      4. Failure of a membership to adhere to the Constitution and/or club rules and guidance may result in their membership being forfeited.
    1. Management
      1. The affairs of the Club shall be administered in accordance with this constitution.
      2. The property, assets and income of the Club shall be applied solely for the benefit of the Club and its members.
      3. No member shall receive remuneration from the club.
      4. The club shall reimburse administration costs incurred by a member. Such reimbursement shall be solely in relation to the management of the club and must have prior approval of the committee. The club shall have no liability to reimburse costs that do not have prior approval.
      5. The management of the Club shall be carried out by the committee who shall be elected at a General Meeting.
      6. All offices of the committee shall be honorary and shall comprise:
        1. Chair
        2. Secretary
        3. Treasurer
      7. The committee at its sole discretion may co-opt such other individuals to the committee to fulfil specific and defined administrative roles.
      8. The committee at its sole discretion may establish sub-committees formed from the membership to undertake defined tasks or research and to report back to the committee.
      9. Nominations for offices of the committee shall be made either before or at a General Meeting with a proposer and a seconder, and the office being decided by a majority vote of eligible members.
      10. The Secretary shall ensure that current minutes of all committee and General Meetings are recorded.
      11. The Treasurer shall ensure that proper accounts are kept and reported at General Meetings.
      12. The committee shall establish and at all times maintain a bank account for the management of club funds. The Chair and Treasurer shall be signatories on that account(s) and those offices shall maintain financial control of those accounts and club finances.
      13. The committee shall ensure that a Rally Steward is appointed for each rally.
      14. Only Members may attend club rallies and events.
      15. Rallies and events shall be self-financing and club funds shall not be used to financially support rallies and events. Club funds may be used to facilitate the advance booking of rallies and events on the understanding that these are repaid by future rally and event fees. The club banking facilities may be used to receive deposit and booking fees and pay out to site operators and providers. Surplus funds from rallies and events are to be paid into club funds.
      16. The club shall aim to maintain a financial reserve of two years’ operating costs.
    1. General Meetings
      1. A General Meeting of the club may be called by the committee by giving at least 28 days’ notice of the date of the meeting together with the time and place.
      2. All members shall be entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings.
      3. Members who cannot attend a General Meeting shall be entitled to vote through the Chair. All proxy votes must be registered in writing to the Chair and in advance of the General Meeting. A member may either register their preference for each vote or may request the Chair to exercise a vote on their behalf.
      4. Notice of a General Meeting shall be given to the owner of a membership and may be given by means of any media.
      5. A General Meeting shall require a quorum of 15% of total memberships.
      6. Should a General Meeting not be quorate the existing committee will continue to run the affairs of the club until such time as a subsequent and quorate meeting can be held.
      7. A General Meeting called the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held once in each calendar year.
        The business of the AGM shall include the following:

        1. To approve the minutes of the previous AGM.
        2. To receive and approve a report of accounts for the previous year.
        3. To receive reports of the offices of the committee.
        4. To elect individuals to the offices of the committee.
        5. To discuss any other matter for which appropriate and prior notice has been given.
      8. A General Meeting may be called by members if at least 15% of memberships make a request to the Chair in writing for a General Meeting stating the purpose of the meeting. Following a valid request the committee shall arrange such a meeting.
  1. Closure
    1. If a General Meeting agrees to the closing down of the Club any surplus funds after all outstanding commitments have been settled shall be donated to a charity or relevant not-for-profit organisation chosen by the members or in default by the Chair.

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